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Welcome to the RBAA Museum

Kindly put “RIP-RBAA” if you liked this army, in your chat name for the next 2 days.

Welcome, one and all!

The RBAA (Red and Blue Allianceship Army) was considered the best army of it’s time.

The most liked army of January 09, and the strongest army from December08 – February 09. RBAA thrived on Mammoth each morning between the dates of November 08 and March 09. Lead by Person1233 and Pengyster48, this army was certainly something that couldn’t be beat for a significant amount of time.

During the RBAA fall in April 09, the site became inactive, but the posts, are still up. If you have any questions about this army, feel free to comment your questions on this post. I’ll be able to answer any of your questions about the army, but make sure you check out the pages, to review our history.


August 2008 – April 2009


December 5, 2009 at 7:43 pm 11 comments

RBAA = Dead

Pengyster48 Edit: Please stop asking Person and I if you can rebuild Rbaa.  The answer is no.


RBAA = Dead

Nachos = Thriving

June 24, 2009 at 8:21 am 13 comments

It’s Over

April 4th

An official date of the death of the RBAA. It fell 2 months ago, but there needs to be a historical date, of the army with more potential than the PRA of 07.


August 2008 – April 2009

I will take this space to show some pictures of the best times in RBAA, and how, it was considered a MAJOR ARMY FOR 11 DAYS :

August 25th: The RBAA’s first military decision, invading Parka, and taking it as our Capital server which it remained for 6 months.

September 22nd : The RBAA develops nation

October 4th: RBAA fights off CPM and Romans by invading their servers. Also trick them into making us admins on their website, we destroy their armies.

October 28: RBAA fights a long time rival, LVAS, in Crowl’s final war.

November 12: RBAA gets 40 comments on an active post in 2 days. We are very close to being a Major Army.

November 26: Unknown to anyone, but I, Person1233, form an Elite squad of RBAA, but it disbands and fails.

December 6: Pengyster48 wins USRBAA presidential election, receiving 57 votes. (Person1233 :56 Votes, Crowl38: 10 votes)

December 12: RBAA rages war with Shadow Troops because they are occupying Parka, and we destroy them. RBAA gets their 200th troop today.

December 14: The RBAA utterly DESTROYS the Shadow Troops in an unscheduled battle on Parka. This battle makes RBAA an unofficial Major Army.

January – April 09: RBAA is MAJOR ARMY STATUS. We do normal army stuff, until the fall in April.

After the best battle we ever had, RBAA falls. It’s very sad actually.

One Last Time


Signing Out.

April 4, 2009 at 12:02 am 13 comments

Operation Reactivation!

Hola fellow members of the RBAA! Person here,

This post is all about the rebuilding of the RBAA.

There are many essential tasks RBAA must do to get back to near-major army status. Here are many qualities of  Major Armies: (The percentages are how we were before our fall)

  • Well-known – 70%(The RBAA is actually a pretty well known organization)
  • At least 20 people at each battle. 90% (Before our little fall, we had 28 people at a Shadow Troop battle for Parka and were the main army that destroyed them! 😮 )
  • Executing many tactics in battle. 100% (We in fact CREATED the joke bomb which is used by Major Armies today all the time. That is one of our best accomplishments, though we also created something I like to call the Horizontal Line charge.)
  • Having 600+ hits a day on your website. 90% (Before our fall, we had around 700 hits a day on the website, now we have 150-200 but we can get that back up!)
  • Having an active chat with a peak of at least 15 during the day. 10% (During the great RBAA rise, our chat never really was used except one time when we had 14 people 😕 That can be changed though!)
  • Having people in your capital server KNOW who you are. 70%. (When the RBAA was in Antarctic and Parka, citizens knew exactly who we were and most citizens joined in on defeating armies like the Shadow Troops)

Those were to give you a heads up of how close we really were to becoming Major Army Status. With 4 months of hard work we were close, but I made a terrible mistake and RBAA fell all because of me. I take the fall blame for the fall of the RBAA, and I am sorry. Many of you have went and joined the Nachos, which is good, but come back to the RBAA. Its time for the great rise of the RBAA Part 2.


Here is my idea:

RBAA should start fresh. In the 3 weeks of not doing much, our servers have been over run, especially Parka. I say we start off fresh and take over new servers. Start “Operation Red&Blue Iron Curtain” ( 😆  RPF rip-off) The operation is invading a new nation for the RBAA. These would be the servers that we would own:

The new RBAA Nation, would be 4 servers,

Kusciusko (Old Server) : Capital

Icicle: Recruiting Server

Klondike: War Server

Mammoth (Neutral): No army can own it, but we will recruit like hell here everyday, lol.

This nation would be right by the ACP Nation and UMA Nation which would give excellent support from those two allies, since they are in the general area. Taking the servers above would be in a one day invasion where we will sweep through every room in the servers, destroy every army there, and claim the servers. I need to talk to Pengyster48 about the new server plan though.


Part III.

The next part of getting RBAA back on top, is recruiting like HELL! Everyday, there shall be 2 scheduled recruiting and patrolling a day. For example:


Times:(The first time is for European members of the RBAA, and the second time for North American members.

12:00 PM Eastern Time AND 8 PM Eastern Time

11:00 AM Central Time AND 7 PM Central Time

10:00 AM Mountain Time AND 6 PM Mountain Time

9:00 AM Pacific Time AND 5 PM Pacific Standard Time

Location: Mammoth

Doing recruiting like this everyday has the potential to rebuild us like Commando717 built up the RBAA. Always say “SEARCH R BAA OF CP” on Club Penguin and people are bound to find our website.


Part IV

The next part of becoming a Major Army is having an active chat. Our chat box is and that is the only way to be considered an active troop. Go on RBAA chat during scheduled events, and whenever you’re bored. Having an active chat is KEY to becoming a Major Army!


With 2 months of hard work and determination, we can be larger than the UMA, IW, RPF, and WW. We can be as large as the Nachos and the ACP. It’s all up to you.

February 8, 2009 at 8:13 am 18 comments

Club Penguin is getting boring for small armies…

If you’ve noticed, the major conflicts happening in Club Penguin really aren’t for small armies. Sure small armies can get involved, but with Major Armies getting involved in every conflict, small armies are out of their league. Being the Nachos and RBAA Leader, I understand how hard it is to bring an army from nothing to something, and I know how to maintain an army with over 600 people in it. Major Armies and Smaller armies dont require to fight each other unless the small army is stupid, or the Major army feels the smaller army threatens CP. Major Armies just are dying to get into war so they team up on a small army. One reason the RBAA is falling, is because Nacho affairs are getting hard for me to control all the time. I just didnt have time for RBAA, but now, I DO! ITS TIME WE GET OUT THERE AND RECOVER OUR DREAMS OF BECOMING THE NEXT MAJOR ARMY IN CLUB PENGUIN! There will be a post either later today or tomorrow about reactivating RBAA!


Major Army News

ACP: Might betray their own sub-division (SSACP) due to the insolence of the SSACP’s leader Mazachster.  Learn more on the situation under the UMA and SSACP news

Nachos: Currently at a tremendous rise, now they have between 35-50 people at their battles. Nachos are really catching up with ACP…

RPF: Ever since Commando came back, RPF has been the at the largest rise ever. They went from 0  people, to 15 people at battles in 4 days. They’ve been doing some mass recruiting and some people have come back.

UMA: UMA are dealing with the a******* that are the SSACP 🙄 . SSACP fell over the Summer months, and one of their servers, Mittens was invaded by UMA during that time. 4 months later, SSACP is back and declare war on UMA for taking Mittens and are the most stubborn piece of crap I’ve ever seen. UMA won the first battle, SSACP edited pics and said they won 🙄

SSACP: SSACP fell over the Summer months, and one of their servers, Mittens was invaded by UMA during that time. 4 months later, SSACP is back and declare war on UMA for taking Mittens and are the most stubborn piece of crap I’ve ever seen. UMA won the first battle, they edited pics and said they won 🙄 Mazachster needs to be taught a lesson, and getting involved in this war will get our name out again and get us on a rise again 😀

Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors had a slight faulter because they lost 15-20 troops, but they are trying to make a comeback. Ice Warriors are on the verge of falling.

Watex Warriors: Dialga80 has come back!! 😮 I really knew him well. He was the first leader of the Watex Warriors (besides Fever) , and is an awesome leader. I hope the Watex Warriors enjoy Dialga back 8)

February 4, 2009 at 8:12 am 10 comments

It’s Time to get active!

Lately I’ve been waay too busy with Nachos to be active here, BUT ITS TIME TO GET ACTIVE! In the next couple of days, expect our appearence to GROW!

January 19, 2009 at 1:01 pm 3 comments


Despite having a very low amount of troops, we defeated the “Monster Army” in our first battle of the LOAOCP tournament! The main reason we won, was because they were using allies! They were using the Black Bandits to fight for them! I will make another post later to get the info of the next battle! Now here are some pictures:

January 11, 2009 at 1:28 pm 10 comments

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