Promo Day :D

August 26, 2008 at 8:53 pm 3 comments

It’s Promo day guys! 😀  BTW read the post under this if you didn’t get the chance yet.

Here you go! 😀

Trooper: Nacho Soldie, Bmcdancer, Omega Flyer, Invaderianjr, Inv Ian Perv, Billabub, Person Clone, Lilgrkangel, Mad Ad 18, 12345ygh, Caliguy24, Jessamine96, Person1223, Rockin Dude, Pengyster49, Pengyster46, Funnyboy700, Pengyster47, I Am Cool 48, Pengyster50, Billyb08, Bam8adee, F0rt 57, 7ippy500, Person Rocks, Gold Woldy, Dasha 123 mew, Tnt Lucas, Arctic Blue 1, Ndn189, InvaderIanjr, Managepizza, Cokejet, Zlppy500, Mattyb283

Seargent: coleslaw7175, Beeky128778, bart bo 26, terpazblue, Regina

Chief Seargent: Cycle22, Wwe Jeff10, dialga200, Blueswill, Znozeberry, Fiddy, Cupercakers, Treegreen1, Darknight67

Lieutenant: Penguin32280607, hyperviper6, Cro 3000, Prita, Sammy122, lilzay2, Krad1996, Potatoes 4, aby453, Ribler, Fiddy,

Captain: df27, socerpr30611, Thegoosh, blubbermouf, zzztops, Ahhhiceberg, Gentleboy121, Redsoldier3, Lax Lebrei

Colonel: Pengy9008, buffonotis, BigP, Jayson23 20hiphop, byebyeman, Major, Kat2493, Star Angel 108, Jedimaster17, Satch

Major: Berry0113, pacers77, Star Angel 108, fuzza3001, Andrew 24, nielsenkc

General: Capuzzi, Fireball Ice, chrisi blule, Xgthrecgtejm, unknowncl, Shad 8, Dom Roxs, aybaybay2020

Brigader General: 1nacho2rlin, Rey Rey 21, The Flame12, Mahicans, Angeldoll99, stupogo

Tactical Training Officers: 1nacho2rlin, Fireball Ice, Mahicans
Operation Officers: Nyg13, Rey Rey 21, Cycle22
Head of Secret Operations: Terrking24

Major Generals: Jim 456, Rca123456, Skater248, Squattyblue, Nyg13
Head Generals: Iceyfeet1234, crowl38, Icebird1997, Aceside4lyf, Terrking24
RBAA Ambassador: Lt.shaqcena10, Flamesizzle, Fort57
Co Leader: Puckley, InvaderIan and Berry0113

Leaders: Pengyster48 and Person1233

Sorry if you didn’t get one guys.  😦 I only promoted a few people who I thought deserved it. 😉 Hope you got one!  Congrats!

Over and Out,


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RBAA’s Mammoth Debut!/ War? Helping out

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. blackicer  |  August 27, 2008 at 1:20 pm

  • 2. Takeda95  |  August 30, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    join my army and be a high rank at

  • 3. Ribler  |  September 10, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    Fiddyy And Terriking24 Have 2 Ranks?

    Pengyster48: Dude, Fiddyy only has one rank. And the only reason Terr has two is because the Head of secret ops. and all those other operation ranks are secondary ranks. All of the people that have secondary ranks are in the ranks another time.

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