RBAA’s Mammoth Debut!/ War?

August 25, 2008 at 2:12 pm Leave a comment

Pengyster48 Edit: Sorry about the no post thing.  (XD) and um about the war thing, I’ll have to think about that but theres a pretty good chance I’ll agree.  BTW congrats on the Mammoth Invasion.  So did we claim it?  That would be pretty cool to claim Mammoth 😀 so did we?  Congrats RBAA.

Over and Out,

Mammoth was open for non-members in a 3 minute window so 15 RBAA troops had the oppurtunity to train and recruit in Mammoth! 90% of our enemy was blue n00bz who couldn’t accept that Red and Blue were allies but we later convinced them. We did great. Here are some pics!

Also, I’ve been the only one making posts so I’d appreciate it if Pengy made some posts. Also… I think we should go to war. Abe’s black jacket n00b army has been actually growing in  size and almost defeated the Nachos. I think we need to declare war on them and destroy them to help prepare for future wars and to get rid of an annoying enemy. If Pengyster48 agrees, we will go to war with Abester12. He has been kinda nice lately but he still threatens most Major Armies which we wish to be our allies.

~Power in the Hat~Person1233~


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Parka Invasion! Promo Day :D

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